Marina B. | 03.24.15

Great energy here! My whole family enjoys coming here. Great instructors, great way to control your ..

Richie | 04.22.14

I've been working out for a lot of years and this kickboxing is great. Instructors are great and the..

John & Noreen Vitolo | 03.30.14

Love this Place!!! We tell everyone about the great classes , instructors and convenient class hour..

1300 Hylan blvd Staten Island, NY 10305
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Monday – Saturday – 7AM – 10 PM
Sunday – 8 AM – 6 PM


Welcome to B.B.X.kickboxing  

One of the Most Dedicated & Professional

Cardio Kickboxing / Traditional Boxing / Martial Arts & Variety Training Facility's on Staten Island

About Us

B.B.X.kickboxing is an academy and fitness center that provides functional fitness training for both children and adults. We offer an expanded form of different martial arts, total body transformation and cardio training for ALL Fitness Levels. Our classes and personal training sessions include:

    BBX      Boxing                                                           *NEW* Competitive Boxing Training Ages 6+  


               Cardio Kickboxing                               *NEW*  Dance Club Aerobics With DJ & Club Lights! 


             Kids MMA (Mixed Martial Arts)             *NEW* Kids Aerobics & Kickboxing Program


              Body Sculpting                                   *NEW* Martial Arts Themed Birthday Parties


         Muay Thai



     Krav Maga 





WHY JOIN  B.B.X. Kickboxing / Boxing  ? 


  Our Staff Have Real Teaching Experience & Are Qualified

  Our Boxing Staff Are Retired Elite Trained Boxers & Now Instructors To Train YOU To Be As Professional As You Can Be

  Each Class Will Get You To Burn Up To 1000 calories Encouraging REAL Fitness Goals

  At B.B.X. Kickboxing / Boxing In Staten Island, NY You Will Be Burning Fat And Toning Up By Punching And Kicking A Real Heavy Bag

  Our Facility Is Clean, Friendly, Safe And We Are A NO Judgement Zone

  We Are Here To Help You Achieve Your Goals




  1. Class Lasts 60 minutes
  2. Wear comfortable gym clothes (sweats, shorts, t-shirt and sneakers).
  3. Plan on arriving 15 minutes before class.
  4. Each client will receive an orientation of the punches and kicks we use during class.
  5. You will need to wear protective boxing gloves. (Gloves are for sale at our Gym).
  6. We recommend bringing a towel.
  7. Do Not bring personal items onto the gym floor. Place items far against the wall well out of the way of class and clients.
  8. Refrain from yelling, profanity, banging weights and being unnecessarily loud during ongoing classes. Please be courteous.
  9. Do not sit on the machinery in between sets.
  10. Please always re-rack or replace any weights or equipment you use.
  11. Please do not bring children onto the gym floor. This is a major liability.
  12. Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES are pets allowed in the facility.
  13. Please do not disturb others. Focus on your own workout and allow others to do the same.
  14. WASH YOUR HANDS before beginning your workout or using any equipment.



B.B.X. offers one of the best after school programs, implementing strict discipline, respect for authority and taking bulling very seriously. The Boxing/Kickboxing and Mixed Martial Arts Programs are a great way to train, learn self-defense, and remain active during the off season. Our programs are guaranteed to build confidence, strength, respect and discipline all while making new friends. Some other key points:

  • Improve focus
  • Confidence
  • Self Defense
  • Self Control
  • Courtesy


Our teaching methodology incorporates skill-oriented techniques and drills that sometimes seem like fun and games to the children, however, each individual will be learning forms and technique with the expectation to demonstrate their ability.

We teach our children not simply to be great fighters in the ring, but also to be better people in the world.

"Boxing the best school of your life”

Jack London